Synadia Control Plane CLI

The syn-cp CLI uses a personal access token to authenticate with Control Plane's API and provides functionality not exposed via the UI.

Download the CLI

Download the latest version of the CLI from Github.

Generate a Personal Access Token

Personal access tokens are generated in your Profile under the Personal Access Token tab. They take the form of:


Configure the CLI

syn-cp requires several options be provide to interact with control plane api. These can be provided multiple ways including config file, environment variable, and cli flags.

Config file

syn-cp look for and load configuration options from a config file. By default syn-cp will look in the path: {config home}/synadia/syn-cp/ for a file named config. The file format is indicated by the extension: .json, .yaml, .toml, .hcl. Config home is either $XDG_CONFIG_HOME if set or $HOME/.config if not.


  "server": "",
  "token": "uat_vHVOMYLvwoAzJziEYzlxUeuvvKFDYlNSAbjBYdhCiZancDkKGILvlKrDUSPQljOo"


server: ''
token: 'uat_vHVOMYLvwoAzJziEYzlxUeuvvKFDYlNSAbjBYdhCiZancDkKGILvlKrDUSPQljOo'

The full path to the config file can be overridden using the $SCP_CONFIG environment variable:

export SCP_CONFIG=/tmp/scp-config.yaml

Config Options

nameflagenvarconfig filedescription
server--serverSCP_SERVERserverurl of the scp api
token--tokenSCP_TOKENtokenuser access token