Synadia Platform



What is Synadia Platform?

Synadia Platform is a bundled distribution of enterprise-grade components that augment the capabilities of

Synadia Platform can be deployed and managed in an environment of your choosing. There is the managed deployment option, where Synadia will deploy and fully manage Synadia Platform as a service on your behalf or there is the self-hosted option where you deploy and manage it.

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How does it relate to Synadia Cloud?

Synadia Cloud is a multi-tenant, multi-cloud, and multi-geo software-as-a-service (SaaS). Synadia Cloud and Synadia Platform share the same core set of components. From an end-user perspective, the experience of using Synadia Cloud versus an instance of Synadia Platform should be effectively the same barring differences in endpoints, cluster topology, and resources.


What is included in the managed offering?

Synadia will work with you to design and size an appropriate deployment of Synadia Platform for your needs in one of the supported cloud providers.

Cluster topology options can be single region, multi-region, and/or multi-cloud and can be configured as a supercluster or stretch cluster if the use case warrants it.

The operational guarantees include:

  • 99.99% uptime SLA
  • 24h response time for security patching
  • Scheduled, zero downtime upgprades
  • Logging integration to the native cloud service

Which cloud providers are supported for the managed offering?

  • AWS
  • Google Cloud
  • Azure

Additional providers will be supported in the future.


What deployment options are available for self-hosted?

This varies by component, so refer to the components section for more details.

Synadia Server Deprecation

What is Synadia Server and why is it being deprecated?

Synadia Server is a distribution of the NATS server which includes an embedded agent that establishes outbound connections to Control Plane. In addition, it applies some configuration checks to ensure compatibility.

The intention behind providing it was to improve the user experience while setting up Control Plane. However, we heard quite a bit of feedback on the friction of needing to swap out the NATS server with Synadia Server, especially in environments with existing production deployments of NATS. Additionally, having a separate server that lags the NATS release schedule was not ideal.

Control Plane 1.4.0 introduced native support for the NATS server. Synadia Private Link can be used in instances where Control Plane cannot directly connect to NATS Servers.

How do I switch from Synadia Server to NATS Server

Ensure that you follow these steps in-order for a smooth transition:

  1. Install Control Plane 1.4.0 or higher

  2. Go to the System Settings page in Control Plane and select NATS. Follow the steps to reconfigure your System to either correct to NATS directly or through Synadia Private Link.

  3. Replace synadia-server artifacts in your deployment with nats-server artifacts:

Deployment Methodsynadia-server Artifactnats-server Artifact
Kubernetes Helm Chartsynadia/synadia-servernats/nats