Synadia Platform

Synadia Private Link

Synadia Private link connects NATS Servers behind a firewall to Synadia Platform. It is useful in instances where Control Plane cannot directly connect to NATS Servers.

To use Synadia Private Link, go to the System Settings page in Control Plane and select NATS. Walk through the steps for instructions on generating a token for Synadia Private Link.


  • Binary: Download from GitHub Releases
  • Docker Image:
    • Use tag latest for latest version or 1.0.0 for specific release
  • Kubernetes (Helm Chart): View documentation on ArtifactHub

Full Command Reference

usage: synadia-private-link [<flags>]

Synadia Private Link

Global Flags:
  -h, --help               Show context-sensitive help
  -v, --version            Show application version.
                           URL for the Synadia Platform (Synadia Control Plane /
                           Synadia Cloud) ($SPL_PLATFORM_URL)
      --nats-url=NATS-URL  URL for NATS Server Connection ($SPL_NATS_URL)
      --token=TOKEN        Synadia Platform Token ($SPL_TOKEN)
      --tlscert=TLSCERT    TLS Certificate ($SPL_TLS_CERT)
      --tlskey=TLSKEY      TLS Key ($SPL_TLS_KEY)
      --tlsca=TLSCA        TLS CA ($SPL_TLS_CA)
      --[no-]insecure      No TLS Validation ($SPL_INSECURE)
  -V, --[no-]verbose       Enable verbose logging