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What is NGS? What is Synadia Cloud?

NGS is a global, multi-cloud, multi-geo service.

Synadia Cloud allows you to monitor and manage Streams, Consumers, Accounts, Users, Imports, Exports and more on NGS.

How do I sign up for Synadia Cloud?

You can sign up for a Synadia Cloud at

How can I use the Synadia Cloud API?

Once you have logged into Synadia Cloud, you can view the API Docs

You can authenticate to the Synadia Cloud API using a Personal Access Token as a Bearer Token.

The Control Plane Go SDK is also compatible with Synadia Cloud using the following settings to authenticate:

ctx := context.WithValue(context.Background(), syncp.ContextServerVariables, map[string]string{
 "baseUrl": "",
ctx = context.WithValue(ctx, syncp.ContextAccessToken, "your-personal-access-token")

When I get the NATS server version in Synadia Cloud, sometimes I see it is a release candidate (RC) such as 2.10.15-RC.10? Why is this?

Synadia Cloud is a fully managed multi-tenant service and two top priorities are stability and availability. The team at Synadia are also the core maintainers and release managers of NATS.

When any issue is discovered and remediated in NATS, the team will prepare a patch RC and proactively deploy it to Synadia Cloud to minimize the impact of the issue to the service. The origin of the issue may be from a customer report, a security audit, or a bug reported in GitHub.

The RC goes through thorough testing and validation before it is deployed to Synadia Cloud. When the origin of issue was a customer report, the team will monitor the RC in the service to validate the issue has been remediated for the affected customer(s). Once the RC has been validated, it will be cut as a NATS final release and subsequently deployed to Synadia Cloud.

NATS Accounts and Users

How does Synadia Cloud store and use NATS Account and User Keys?

Synadia Cloud encrypts all NATS Account and User keys using 256-bit encryption.

Root NATS Account Keys never leave the application.

Programmatic NATS Account Signing Keys are shown to the end-user once when they are Created, and once when they are Rotated. All other NATS Account Signing Keys never leave the application.

NATS User Keys are included in the Credentials File every time it is downloaded.

How can I import Accounts and Users from NSC?

The Synadia Control Plane CLI can be used to Import from NSC.

Imported Accounts must have limits set that fit into your Team's plan.

When using the Control Plane CLI, set the --server flag or set the SCP_SERVER environment variable to

Streams, Key-Value Buckets, and Object Stores

How can I ensure my JetStream asset is pinned to a specific region or cloud provider?

When creating a stream, key-value store, or object store, you can specify the region and/or cloud provider where the asset will be pinned using placement tags.

If the asset it already created, you can edit the configuration and the asset will be moved without downtime to the new location.

Can I manage Accounts and Users created in Synadia Cloud with NSC?

No. Synadia Cloud only supports managing Accounts and Users that were created in Synadia Cloud with its UI and API.

Migrating NGS Accounts from

NGS Accounts that were created on will be migrated to Synadia Cloud starting on January 24, 2024. This will be a non-disruptive migration.

How will I know when my account has been migrated to Synadia Cloud?

We will email users after their account has been migrated to Synadia Cloud.

How can I prepare for the migration

Sign up for a Synadia Cloud account using the same email address that you used to sign up with on Once the migration has been completed, your Accounts will appear in Synadia Cloud.

After my account has been migrated, will I still use NSC to manage it?

Yes. All accounts imported from will still be managed using NSC until they are converted to Synadia Cloud management.

How do I convert my migrated account from NSC management to Synadia Cloud management

Use the Synadia Control Plane CLI to Import your account from NSC. When using the Control Plane CLI, set the --server flag or SCP_SERVER environment variable to

Once an account is converted from NSC management to Synadia Cloud management, it cannot be changed back

I still have questions about the migration

Please ask questions in the #ngs channel of the Slack, or email them to

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