Synadia Cloud

Placement Tags

Streams, key-value buckets, and object stores are able to be explicitly placed using placement tags.

By default, if no tags are specified, the asset will be placed in a geographic region and hosting provider closest to where your client application is connected. Resource balancing and Synadia Cloud subscription tier may also influence default placement.

To specify placement restrictions, use the following placement tags (alone or in combination of different tag types):

TagTypePlacement on NGS nodes:
geo:usGeo RegionIn the U.S.
geo:us-westGeo RegionIn the Western U.S.
geo:us-eastGeo RegionIn the Eastern U.S.
geo:us-centralGeo RegionIn the Central U.S.
geo:europeGeo RegionIn Europe
geo:asiaGeo RegionIn Asia
cloud:gcpCloud ProviderHosted in Google Cloud Platform
cloud:azCloud ProviderHosted in Microsoft Azure
cloud:awsCloud ProviderHosted in Amazon Web Services

CLI Example

Place new Stream VEHICLE-EVENTS in the U.S. and hosted in Azure:

nats stream add VEHICLE-EVENTS \
   --tag "geo:us" \
   --tag "cloud:az" \
   --description "Capture vehicle events in stream" \
   --subjects "vehicle.*.*.*.event.>" \
   --retention limits --discard old \
   --dupe-window 2m \
   --max-age 7d \
   --max-bytes 10485760 \
   --max-msgs 1000 \
   --max-msgs-per-subject=-1 \
   --max-msg-size 131072 \
   --replicas 1 \
   --storage file \
   --no-deny-delete \
   --no-deny-purge \

If Synadia Cloud cannot fulfill placement based on your tags, the CLI will return:

nats: error: could not create Stream: insufficient resources (10023)

Connection Endpoints