Synadia Cloud


Default Endpoint

The default endpoint for NGS is tls://

It is geo-balanced and will route to the closest NGS server. It will also detect if a connection originates from a certain cloud provider, and prefer that cloud provider if so.

Cloud Provider Endpoints

Cloud provider endpoints are geo-balanced and will route to the closest NGS server hosted at a specific cloud provider.

EndpointCloud Provider
tls:// Web Services
tls:// Azure
tls:// Cloud Platform

Regional Endpoints

Regional endpoints are not geo-balanced and will return all NGS servers in the region.

Since regional endpoints are not geo-balanced, they will often have higher latencies than using the default endpoint or cloud provider endpoints.

tls:// U.S.
tls:// U.S.

Testing Latency

Latency to the NATS Servers returned by an endpoint can be tested using the nats rtt command. For example, to test latency to the default endpoint run:

nats rtt -s tls://


WebSocket-based connections are supported as well for any of the above endpoints, using the scheme: wss:// such as:

nats -s wss:// pub test ''