Synadia Server builds on-top of NATS Server, and adds:

  • Automatic Configuration Reloading
  • An agent that integrates with Synadia Control Plane

Synadia Server takes all NATS Configuration from a standard NATS Configuration File. It also checks that NATS is configured in a compatible manner for operation with Synadia Control Plane. The following NATS Configuration is required:

Synadia Control Plane will guide you through the appropriate settings for deploying Synadia Server.

Single Server Architecture


  • Embedded NATS Server - Embedded copy of NATS Server
  • NATS Config File - Standard NATS Configuration File
  • Synadia Server Agent
    • Checks that NATS Config File is compatible with Synadia Control Plane
    • Reloads NATS Server any time the Config File or any file referenced in the Config File (includes, TLS certs/keys) changes
    • Connects to Synadia Control Plane and allows it to communicate with the Embedded NATS Server


Production deployments should connect to Synadia Control Plane over HTTPS

Ports exposed by the Embedded NATS Server will depend on the NATS Configuration. Production deployments should secure all exposed NATS Ports with TLS.