Import from NSC

Accounts and users can be imported into an Control Plane managed system directly from a local nsc store.

If you haven't already Download and configure the CLI.

Import Accounts

syn-cp system import-account

The import-account command will prompt you for the system, operator, and account you want to import.

Any accounts / users that already exist in Control Plane will be ignored - it is safe to run this command multiple times.

You can import an account from any operator in your local nsc store, even ones that were not created by the system you are importing into. Control Plane will update the account JWT during import and sign it with the correct system key.

To import an account the root key seed must be in your local nsc store. Any signing key seeds that are present on the account's JWT will be imported if possible, but are not required.

Each signing key will be imported as a new group named imported-key-*

It is possible to import all accounts from a given operator as one command - use the --all flag:

syn-cp system import-account --all

You may also import all users for a particular account using the --users flag:

syn-cp system import-account --users

If you only want to import specific users use the import-user command below after importing the account.

Import Users

syn-cp system import-user

The import-user command will prompt you for the system, operator, account, and user you want to import.

The account you want to import into must have already been imported.

You must have access to the user's seed in order to import them.

If a signing key was use the imported user will be automatically added to the correct group in Control Plane.