Synadia Platform

Get Started

A brief intro of Control Plane and the steps for a successful setup.

What is it?

Control Plane is a centralized administrative portal for managing and monitoring one or more NATS systems, designed by the team that maintains NATS.

Control Plan provides:

  • A unified interface for administering multiple NATS systems
  • Purpose-built monitoring for servers and clients
  • Pre-defined and user-defined alerting based on thresholds
  • Centralized NATS account and user creation and management
  • Simplified management and view into streams and consumers

A NATS system is defined as one or more connected NATS servers that share the same system account.

For a demo of the feature set, we recommend watching this video to get oriented.


Currently, Control Plane requires that each NATS system is configured using the decentralized authentication mode.


The first step is to deploy Control Plane by following one of the deployment guides.

If you are connecting an existing NATS system, there are two additional steps:

  • Install the CLI
  • Perform a one-time import of existing accounts and users using the CLI

Once Control Plane is setup and reflects the system and with the correct NATS accounts and users, the next steps include: